In this HQ office of a textile business, we designed a sky garden as the most prominent space. Filled with natural sun light and greenery, it brings the nature to the work place. It has quickly become the favourite place of casual gathering, fostering human connections regardless of their job titles. The stone floor and planters have natural patterns that resemble tree roots, shadowed by the 5 banyan trees and the curtain wall, it orchestrates changing beauty of lights, shadows and natural materials. Our attention to the nature and materials is carried through the entire project. For example, at the workstation area a blue stone wall with cloud-like natural grains reminds the staff of the blue sky.

Conscious about sustainability, we make all the workstation panels with the left-over denim fabrics sitting in the client’s warehouse, which would have become landfill otherwise. The up-cycled design is functionally sound-absorbing and emotionally resonating with their textile expertise. Also, we designed lighting fixtures that can be freely clipped onto the stainless-steel ceiling mesh. The easy fixing systems eliminate future demolition of the ceiling if seating reconfiguration is needed.

It is our strength to create a sense of discovery by using details as points of interest. Here we custom-made many unique furniture and fixings, including cast aluminium handles, light fixtures, GRC ceiling system that integrate M&E functions, etc. (please see video for more info).