Luxury apartment located in level 54 of a beautiful glass and concrete skyscraper.

There are two principal targets in this project: The first one is to create a spectacular scenario for business meetings. The secondary use is directly residential as a place to stay for short periods of time. Just one or two nights.
The general program of the project contains: entrance hall, guest toilet, main bedroom + wc, secondary bedroom+ wc, main living room + kitchen+ bar and an office- business meeting room.

The mix of these different uses combining the private and public character of the spaces has been one of the main demands about this project.

Two wooden cores organize the circulation dividing this public and private need. All technical elements, humid areas and wardrobe are contained inside of them.

One of the first decisions made, was to keep the original concrete ceiling structure of the building. The concrete slab and beams were polished and cleaned to show all their brutalist expression.

At the same time, the geometry of this structure is mirrored on the floor of all the apartment as an orthogonal projection of the same pattern. A combination of dark and light terrazzo, separated by a golden brass trim, reproduces the same shapes as triangular carpets in all the different rooms. Maximum ceiling height is created by this solution. All installations have been carefully drawn and placed on the concrete celling.

To compensate all this hard appearance, walls have been covered with oak panels treated with different geometries and shapes.

The two main nucleus are finished in long thin stripes, that enhance the verticality of the space. In the main bedroom, a diagonal pattern also made out of oak wood, placed along 2 of the 4 walls. This combination of hard and warm materials, tries to compensates the hard feeling of concrete on the ceiling and terrazzo on the walls and the floor too.
Main bathroom and secondary toilet, are fully covered by terrazzo panels. Dark feeling for this last one and soft tones for the rest.

Suspended lightning was been decided as a direct solution to the absence of double ceilings. At the same time, this linear elements have the possibility of projecting light only to top, giving warmth to the concrete and producing an indirect lightning effect avoiding mayor reflections on the window at night.

Two brass furniture elements introduce a golden touch of color, catching all the attention in the main living room.
Because the kitchen had to be incorporated inside the main space, it was designed with the same appearance as the other cabinet. All solutions incorporated in the kitchen design are inspired and directly taken from boats technology.
The search of a balance through materiality experimentation, taken from the concrete polished structure, to the shiny walls and terrazzo floors, combined with geometrical wooden and brass solutions, has been one of our biggest aims on this project.

As a general conclusion, the project develops an experimentation about the expression of materials, with a clear functionality in the use of space.