Elisa Ossino Studio has designed the new Hermès pop-up store dedicated to silk. The project was born from the request of the Maison to create a new exhibition concept in which visitors are invited to directly interact with the products.

Creativity: One of the main interior design ideas was to transform the iconic Hermès silk carré into strong elements of characterization of the space. The carrés are showed through different creative ways, often in dynamic solutions. One of the stronger idea is to present them as mobile paintings hanging on the walls showing different patterns through a sliding movement switching from a pattern to another one. The carrés are also showed on colored-matching boiseries in order to enhance the collection’s palettes. Finally, the store windows welcome mobiles, self-moving sculptures made with the various formats of the carrés.

A central feature of the project is the dominant presence of color in the space and patterns on the floors crossing the various rooms with chromatic variations from the brightest to the darkest tones. The passages between the different exhibiting areas are highlighted by two large portals that invite to cross the spaces.

Innovation: In order to create a dialectic relationship between the place of doing and that of "dreaming" the interior project has been enhanced with an environment dedicated to emotion. A secret door finally leads visitors to a room that houses an interactive installation curated by Elisa Ossino. The installation features two large screenings of the silk foulards’ designs. Entering the illuminated set, the visitor’ silhouette is displayed in real time, and the shape is filled with another contrasting foulard design. The body in motion creates graphic games, inviting those who approach to improvise with creativity and fun. Here the concept of the entire project is sublimated with an emotional experience.

Functionality: The entire space has been designed to ensure that each carré can be viewed directly from the clients without the support of the shop assistant. The carré are displayed on rotating vertical supports with silks divided into color families, mobile paintings hanging on the walls showing different patterns through a sliding movement, a display wall entirely covered with hanging carrés that allows the visitors to appreciate their full beauty, counter displays where the customer can scroll the various designs and choose the favorite one; and finally, from the outside.

Sustainability: Paint used is a waterborne, acrylic paint marked with the 'EU Environmental Label' and 'The Nordic Eco-label' making it environmental friendly.

The linoleum used for the floors is a natural product, made up of 97% natural raw materials, of which 70% renewable in a short time and with a recycled content of 43%.

After dismantling the store, all the furnishings created for the pop-up will be donated to training facilities identified by the Maison.