G-Well Homes Social Residence is a co-living apartment for people of extraordinary taste.

G-Well Homes is designed for the emerging generation in urban Seoul. It’s executed through rational and creative approach to furnishing, so that even a small space feels capacious. This co-living apartment is designed to fulfill the taste and diversity of the current generation in Seoul, who not only values personal space, but also appreciates space to socialize. G-Well Homes comes with customizable personal rooms and multi-functional social lounge with co-working area, yoga room, theater, communal kitchen, library and more. During this pandemic, G-Well Homes allows residents to have social activities while they are safely remains indoor.

Lobby (Ground Floor):
Residential buildings in South Korea often lack the lobby space which makes it feel less like a home. The entrance was designed to greet people, to let them feel welcomed at all times. Art objects and books are placed along with lightings and furniture that are designed by Joongho Choi Studio.

Social Lounge (2nd Floor):
The social lounge is designed to cradle communication and embrace diversity among residents. The space was developed in the concept of a large living room shared among residents, to extend their living space from an urban micro room. The lounge comprises diverse zones where it is shared with a group of people or used individually. There are multiple zones including the study room, shared kitchen, sunbed zone, game zone, work out room, and auditorium. These zones exist in an open plan without being disconnected, to encourage different interaction there may be. This idea is often found on the streets, a place which does not belong to anyone yet shared by everyone. The design team of Joongho Choi Studio have introduced the lively colors, structures, and elements of a street to the interior, like using the scaffold structures as wall panels to create circulation paths or the signage system that took a cue from public signs, inspired by its utilitarianism and functionality. During the time of pandemic, this social lounge provides a safer and more contained outdoor activities for the residents. The ambiance from the surroundings was brought inside to create a fun space that anyone can relate to.

Residential Space by JOONGHO CHOI STUDIO (13th to 19th Floor)
Joongho Choi Studio designed rooms from 13th to 19th floor to target contemporary demographics who likes to express and customize rooms the way they want. The residential space is designed for single or two-person households as a response to the generation’s different needs. The design team focused on individualism and expandability, space where people can freely express themselves and change-up space according to their varying tastes and lifestyle. Even though it is a rental apartment, space was designed to feel like one’s own home, not a temporary stay. Material choices and built-in furniture were designed quite differently from conventional rental apartments. For instance, ceilings are partially exposed to increase the height of the room, and some of the walls are left unfinished to give contrast in texture. Instead of full height built-in wardrobes, the design team have lowered them and added pipe hangers along the walls to open up space. In this way, residents can style their place by hanging items of their interest without having to drill in a screw on the wall. Considering young generation’s frequent moving, this co-living apartment provides fully furnished room with customizability for sustainability and efficiency of incoming residents and the apartment itself. In a modern society where things change rapidly, G-Well Homes aims to maintain flexible and sustainable platform where residents express their unique style and creativity.