Dresscode is a flower concept store located in an art district in Beijing. Unlike a traditional flower shop, as a flower brand started in 2020, Dresscode decided to operate their retail virtually and equipped the brand with space to physically present their concept. This project works with a strict limitation of floor area, intergraded an immersive theatrical space with 60 square meters. Fresh flowers are the main characters in the space. They reveal both the over-lapping of sensational qualities and the ever-changing beauty in time to the customers. Presenting the brand's ideology is to see the flower as a dynamic art piece rather than a static beauty presentation. This also embody the concept of sustainability in the showcasing the flower.

Taking theatre of the flower as the main design concept, the design gesture here is to treat the interior as a vase/container and let the interior retreated to the peripheral. Leaving the space for the main character and product – flowers. Using scenography as a reference and design the space itself with the ability to narrate the experience. The combination of double façades, one-way mirror, lighting arrangement narrates a thread of hints spatially, attract the customers to discover the contents hidden inside.

The external façade is a dark metal façade conveying a sense of exclusiveness. On the façade is a strip of scenery exposed to the street via a ribbon of one-way mirror placed at eye-level. The ribbon wrapping from outside to inside leads visitors to enter through a tiny glass door situated on the bottom right of the storefront and arrive at the internal façade. Space is painted dark with flower decoration on the displaced pillars, giving a hint of this flower shop. Opposite the flowers, the one-way mirror ends at the door to the main exhibition space. Strong lighting leaking from the door creates a contrast to the dark corridor, attracts the visitors inside.

The surprise of the exhibition space is staged at the end of the entering experience. The main showroom is a bright cube space arranged with a grid system. Exhibition space and platforms are modular-based systems built into the grid, in the wall and on the ground. Various arrangements can be achieved via rearranging modules within the space. The highly organize grid space brings out the complexity of flowers by establishing the contrast. Lighting is a crucial component to reveal the colours and textures of flowers. The soft lightings are built into the walls and floor, and spotlights are added on the black-painted ceiling. This produces a clear, distinct image to strengthen the branding image.