A design agency in its entirety, packed and delivered to an exhibition ground – that’s DELIVERED.

A promise. With DELIVERED, we constructed a meaningful statement towards the design industry. ‘Less shell, more content’ which is what Dart as an agency is all about: Strong content that defines the design.

A design agency, packed and delivered to an exhibition ground – that’s DELIVERED. Crates are a common denominator and secret hero of every exhibition. We bring them to the big stage. Boxes don’t come without content. The idea is to effectively pack everything that defines us as a company, drives us creatively and transport that to the fair; Ideas, special tools, secret ingredients, wit and a little magic. Everything that is Dart.

In the midst of the commercial bustle our installation stands out, as it is much more abstract than everything else around it. This raises questions and starts open communication. The material creates a calm, natural atmosphere. Visitors like to stay and even return. This is supported by different levels of reception for the eyes, the ears, in virtual reality. All that without predetermined starting or end points. Simply put: the interactions are fun. Economically, it presents our agency in an environment with many competitors and target customers. DELIVERED shapes our positioning, generates new business and thus becomes a building block for the future of Dart.

All the material being used originates from farms with sustainable management and almost 100% of it was fed into a second life cycle after the project was completed.