The kitchen had to be the most important part of the house and it actually became the heart by intengrating it in between the dinig and living rooms. The openings in the wall allowed us to generate a kind of central island surrounded by the walls that managed to open up to the hallway, dining room and living room, thus generating a 360 vision and visually connecting all the public parts of the house.

Materials play a very important role in this kitchen . The island stands out for its one-piece stainless steel worktop that fits perfectly between the openings of the load-bearing wall, combined with the garnet-lacquered furniture that also houses a shelf and bar places to eat or have a drink while cooking. The linear part of the kitchen is conceived with a matte lacquered glass finish in combination with black bakelite.

Wooden carpentry plays a key role as all cabinets, floor-to-ceiling doors headboards etc are custom-made.