‘Blink: The End is in Sight’ was an immersive exhibition in partnership with Sightsavers that used innovative technology to raise awareness of Trachoma.

Blink (full entry)
Storytellers and experiential designers MET Studio partnered with charity Sightsavers, to support the global ‘Blink: the End is in Sight’ campaign which aims to eradicate Trachoma by 2025. With the brief to generate public awareness for those afflicted, MET was tasked with supporting wider fundraising activity through the creation of an experiential, immersive and educational exhibition.

Five renowned photographers were asked to produce one image that depicted the last thing they would want to see before going blind. The exhibition centred around a truly innovative interactive interface with blink tracking technology.

Measuring the individual eye shapes and movements of visitors, the tracking technology digitally eroded each photograph with every blink, abstractly distorting each picture pixel by pixel until the original images were permanently destroyed. This mimicked the effects of Trachoma where sufferers blink themselves blind as eyelashes gradually turn inwards on themselves.

MET deployed dramatic graphics in the form of bold lines and split shadows to lead visitors around the physical gallery space, whilst depicting the effects of fractured vision and diminishing eyesight. This inclusive exhibition succeeded in placing Trachoma and its sufferers in a whole new realm of awareness, with over 150,000 visitor blinks captured during the week. Sightsavers estimated the exhibition and its promotion drew in around 3.7m OTVs.