human unlimited.
The young "purpose agency" human unlimited is the creative answer to classic management consultancies. With this in mind, an innovative and barrier-free place with a strong identity for meetings and retreats was created on 200m². The central design idea is an exceptional colour concept, which builds on their corporate design: The word "human" is graphically striking in black on white.

This is reflected in a homogeneous floor, white as snow, which flows smoothly into the equally white walls. White curtains flank the central walls, regulating views. Together with a deep black ceiling, this forms a calm background and contradicts the expected image of a dark floor with a light ceiling. Individual white interior fixtures seem to grow out of the floor, black lamps swing from the ceiling.

This clear statement is complemented by the three primary colours cyan, magenta and yellow from the CMYK colour space, which stand for Purpose, Engagement and Leadership regarding humans CI. They were used to create sharply defined, monochrome zones in the respective communication spaces, in addition to powerfully influencing the moods in terms of colour psychology.

The fixtures speak a clear and reduced formal design language. Perspective changes let the surfaces dissolve into lines. Unexpected details, strong haptically and visually perceptible material changes and an idiosyncratic composition of individual furniture, reinforce the sustainable idea of human "to bring new things of value into our world".