White space is the photography area. Designed L-shaped storage cabinets for designers to have enough storage for photography items, the cabinet material used a white senply veneer for door panel with a gold handle knob. The front of the window can be used as a display space it can be connected from interior to exterior. Small corner area installed solid wood wall hanging magazine rack to display the designer's collection of magazines, while the back wall uses light gray colors it give a contrast of this white space.

The entrance to the work area uses herringbone pattern with vinyl wood flooring from the outside of the entrance door to the interior work area, till the back of the cat fun area, it brings out this area feel warm welcoming like back to home. The entrance door design material used Nyatoh wood with molding design and tempered glass. The working area is designed to open space that allows designers to work at the workplace more flexible in any area.
Four arches door from the work area to the photography area are designed to separate the work area from an indirect one in the photography area. The material used pine wood made of a frame and tempered glass. The LED neon lights design above their work table to replace the pendant light. Use the "INSPIRATION" font to give the designer to brainstorm about inspiration and creativity.

The work area steps into the cat's fun area designed Nyatoh wooden sliding door to separate the space, allowing the designer with cats has independent space, and there is a pine wooden framed window next to the door which can interact with the cats through the window from working space.

The pantry area has made the top and bottom cabinets, the materials are made of terrazzo quartz stone, and the white wood senply veneer design can have the same design connection with the cabinet storage design in the photography area. Designers can have a tea break and rest on the sofa in this area, and the back wall of the sofa chooses a light gray to have a contrast with the white wall to let space have extended feeling.

The overall design brings out the studio like at home, forming the minimalist design, open spaces, and not much decorative design required by the designer, creating a natural and minimalist space.

This space is designed to be divided into three areas, the photography area, the work area, and the cat's fun area.
The white space is the photography area, the wooden floor is the working area, and the back is the place where the cat has the independent space to play and rest, and the storage room.