In the third edition of their POP-UP project, Atelier Solarshop used esthetic objects to represent modern culture while respecting traditional craftsmanship.

Each POP-UP project has been inspired by specially selected objects and products, like recycled, found and ready-made materials. In this edition, Atelier Solarshop was inspired by the atmosphere and used tree branches and mirrors to contrast each other.

The POP-UP will run until 8 October, surprising and triggering customers’ reactions as they visit the space.

‘We want to create a fully harmonized atmosphere,’ says photographer Piëtro Celestina, who runs Atelier Solarshop alongside fashion designer Jan-Jan van Essche. ‘We also want to be a platform for the designers and artists we represent, where their works can be admired and purchased.’

Atelier Solarshop was founded in 2008 and frequently invites collaborators to realize projects and events. Their workspace was once home to a solar panel shop, hence the name Atelier Solarshop. Today, it holds the design collective’s studio workspace, which is transformed multiple times each year as different projects are realized here.