Designers using the latest technological advancements in furniture design are going to great lengths to publicize the complicated processes they use to create their works. Without resorting to layman’s terms, complex product descriptions ensure readers are aware of the depth of research and development involved in each piece. Widrig adopts techniques used in aerospace, automotive and biomechanic industries, allowing him to quickly realize complex structures. Three legs form the root of the design, and this structure branches out to create the fluid body of the chair. The chair is built from laminated wood sheets via a 5-axis CNC-router. To save on material and machining time, the chair's geometry is split into multiple components. These components are digitally nested onto sheets of laminated wood and then CNC-machined. After the milling, the pieces are assembled, glued and hand finished. Through the milling process, the layered structure of the laminated wood is exposed, highlighting the topography of the chair's surface.