Studiotamat worked with a colour consultant to revitalize an abandoned interior in a historic Roman neighbourhood.

Once home to a traditional bakery, restaurant Tre de Tutto is a dialogue between the heritage of Rome’s Garbatella neighbourhood and its present day. The area is inhabited by 1920s-era structures, originally used for social housing, built in the Roman Baroque style. Studiotamat embraced these bygone elements in the design of the 120-sq-m restaurant space, balancing them with contemporary features. In fact, the spatial approach works in unison with the gastronomic – Tre de Tutto’s menu serves reinterpreted Roman classics. ‘Our goal from the beginning was not to distort the preexisting space, but to enhance it and at the same time, bond with its clientele,’ explains Studiotamat co-founder Matteo Soddu.

On the ground floor, neutral, rough surfaces, original plaster layers and the arched entryway are juxtaposed by bright blue tiling, swathes of vibrant paint and candy-tone furniture; the designers collaborated with colour consultant Sabina Guidotti to establish a palette complementary to the existing interior. The lower level hosts the kitchen, along with the services, warehouses, and two dining rooms. Light blue walls, coral banquettes and a geometric tile mural define the hospitality areas here and a bold yellow staircase offers alternative access from the street.

Location Via Giustino de Jacobis, 19, 00154 Rome RM, Italy