A nine-storey workspace by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel exudes the hospitality atmosphere of a luxury hotel lobby with an array of inviting tables and seating by Flexform. Nove by Citterio may be a workspace for 1,300 people, but the material palette embodies its designation as ‘lounge area’.

Housed in a building with a LEED Platinum certification, Nove by Citterio applies a human-centric concept that is as sensitive to its surroundings as to its users. Circular arrangements of leather upholstered seating invite collaboration, casual encounters, and relaxation – the perfect transition to the upper floors, which are reserved for quiet working. The pieces from various Flexform collections such as the Guscio and Feel Good seating, and Tris tables – all designed by architect Antonio Citterio – take cues from the sleek building exterior with a natural material palette of brown leather, stained ashwood and Calacatta marble.

The classic designs and craftsmanship rooted in Italian tradition give the collections a timeless aesthetic which can be effortlessly integrated into either hospitality or commercial spaces. Covering a range of styles that transcend the contemporary era, Flexform applies high-end materials and sturdy production techniques that maximize the lifespan of its products, thereby contributing to the sustainability of interior spaces.

The spatial ambiguity of Nove by Citterio lends to its strength as a concept, appearing open to visitors through a casual transition from exterior to interior. Functionality, versatility and natural materials manifest the values of the Italian furniture brand, facilitating lasting interiors that withstand trends and overcome the cycle of consumption pervasive in modern society.


Location Lilli-Palmer-Straße 2, 80636 München, Germany