Lighting brand Luceplan has added four new outdoor collections to its range, all with a focus on hybridization and modularity.

Flia. Fienile. Nui. Nui mini. These are the newest members of Luceplan’s product family, designed in collaboration with Alessandro Zambelli, Daniel Rybakken and Meneghello Paolelli Associati. With the lighting the Italian brand aims to give users greater autonomy in customizing outdoor spaces as they wish – it’s why, in the design process, there was a great emphasis on achieving maximum portability and duality of use between indoor and outdoor environments. 

Flia comes in mobile and installed versions.

Fienile draws reference from rural buildings in Norway.

As with all Luceplan pieces, each luminaire displays technical and aesthetic rigour. Flia, a fixture by Italy’s Alessandro Zambelli, comprises a cylinder form from which carbon stems emerge. The defining miniature lights are affixed atop these black linear elements. The design comes in a nomadic, rechargeable version; conversely, it’s alternative can be attached to floors and decks, or directly on the ground.

Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken’s vision for Luceplan is shown in Fienile, which is inspired by the rural buildings of his home country. Indeed, the brand refers to it a piece of ‘micro-architecture’: Fienile – complete with walls and a pitched roof – is a constructed from a single block of coated aluminium, with its diffuser made from polycarbonate. While there is also an indoor iteration, the outdoor option comes in pale and dark grey.

Nui (also pictured in the cover image) consists of sculptural pieces for the floor and wall.

The Nui mini spin-off is a perfect addition for tables.

Meneghello Paolelli Associati, a product design firm based in Milan, devoted its creative forces for Nui and Nui mini, complementary floor, wall and table lamps. Nui encompasses the three floor fixtures and a single wall piece, cylindrical sculptures forged from light grey concrete. A complement for table surfaces, Nui mini has a painted steel top (in white, greige or sand) and a body of transparent crystal. 

Luceplan’s new series is collectively geared toward giving designers and architects ways to truly tap into the potential of exterior environments – after all, the past year and a half has shown us the true value in having an outdoor refuge. And what’s an escape without great lighting?