Cov Studio’s design for Seoul hospitality and entertainment venue SpaceDog immerses people in an imaginative, yet refined, environment.

What if a space station landed on Earth and happened to be converted into a theatre, café, studio and rooftop terrace? That’s essentially the idea behind SpaceDog, a new hospitality destination in Seoul with interiors by Cov Studio. Yet while the 721-sq-m interior is led by a theatric design concept its execution is notably without kitschy aesthetics. Rather, it’s a modern, monochromatic environment inspired by earthly elements, conveying the theme not through over-the-top decoration but sleek materials including stone and metal, geometric fixtures and furnishings, custom lighting and even a central asteroid installation. Each floor progresses the storyline: in the lower-level theatre, first and second floor, visitors are meant to feel as if they’re traversing through the universe, while the third and fourth take one to the ‘crash site on Earth’ – the landscaped rooftop then serves to reconnect people with their planetary bounds.

Location 18 Yeonhui-ro 8-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea