Making full use of a limited area in Berlin’s Mitte neighbourhood, the practice has created a four-storey residence.

Where there was once a vacant plot in a courtyard typical of the German capital, the architects envisioned a boxy build for locals to call home. The completed townhouse, RHE42, comprises two apartments – the largest, which spans the upper three floors, is 130 sq-m. And the ground floor apartment – which inhabits the biggest of the building’s block-like levels – is 60 sq-m. Stacked upon one another and offset to create an allowance for terraces around each floor, the cubic volumes are clad in soft grey plaster and studded with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Reflecting the exterior organization, the interior follows a coherent, linear layout that clearly establishes the functions of each space. The master bedroom and bathroom on the first floor lead to the kitchen, dining and living areas on the second, while the uppermost mezzanine level offers a home workspace and rooftop access. Hand-lacquered MDF cupboards and shelving, all custom designed by Batek Architekten, dress the entire building. Well-considered surfacing, including natural oak flooring, grey terrazzo panelling, white walls and coloured accents, is a big part of the townhouse’s minimalistic visual language.