Located in the basement of Nexon’s Computer Museum, Restaurant Int. which was designed by Seoul-based interior designers Void Planning, draws on the digital world that surrounds it for its interior. Named after the programming code ‘Integre’, the 690m2 open-plan restaurant combines natural elements, such as tree-trunk columns ‘planted’ throughout, with numerous computer references to create its unique identity.

The key features of the main dining area are two acrylic-covered mirrored walls that reflect upon each other to create an infinite visual reverberation. Carved into each acrylic panel, an electrical circuit diagram echoes the digital theme and is amplified by florescent lighting, which ranges from the straight and narrow to a striking installation made from 500 circular lamps. Above, white panels that hang suspended from the main ceiling deliver a fragmented, linear finish and add to the overall clinical feel.

For those after something a little less techy, a sub-section of the restaurant emphasizes the natural atmosphere of the outside terrace it overlooks, while curtains made from paper tubing that boasts an electrical circuit motif ensures diners don’t forget quite where they are.


Photos courtesy of Void Planning