In Porto, Diogo Aguiar and Andreia Garcia create a store that is minimal, movable, flexible, reflective and futuristic.

This 76-sq-m concept shop for Senhor Prudêncio, the urban streetwear label of designer João Pedro Filipe, was a collaboration between two local architecture studios. Filipe's forthright fashions plumb myriad aspects of city culture; he wanted the shop to do the same. ‘We wanted to create a space – void of ornamentation and colour – that could emphasize Prudêncio's designs by exhibiting them in a minimal futuristic space, the universe that we believe they come from,' say the architects. 

Because the existing interior was limited, they developed a solution that could double-task as a way to 'stretch' the space by increasing the perception of its length while serving as a convertible system that could be reconfigured into multiple scenarios. On the floor, they designed three lines of reflective movable vertical panels that can be moved into various compositions with four lines of white light overhead, and galvanized metal furniture for display. Aguiar and Garcia constructed the suspended panels themselves, from inexpensive metalized thermal insulation screen, creating a space that feels simultaneously metallic and textile. 

Materially, the design focuses on the reflective qualities of the furniture frames and thermal insulation screen. They used these to establish a futuristic minimalist space that is nonetheless highly tactile, reinforcing that character through the slender bars of cold white light overhead.

This project was originally featured in the latest volume of our retail design series, Powershop 6. Get your copy here.