Newly launched sneakers and tasty plant-based food await visitors beyond the eye-catching circular archway.

Key features

Footwear brand SNS Paris collaborated with creative agency Yard to put the project in motion – it celebrates the release of the sneakerhead-anticipated Nike model Dunk Low in 'Lemon'. To make the event even more enticing, they partnered with chef Gloria Kabe at her team at Hello Bonsoir to unlock culinary goodness in the space. The unmissable façade that Paf Atelier created adopts the same key colour as the sneakers on launch: lemon yellow. The designers wanted the installation to work in ‘impactful opposition’ to the urban environment. To do so, they paired the signature hue (achieved inside with the help of neon lighting) with layered metal and wood, cut in playful forms to reveal many textures – a characteristic it shares with the shoes themselves. 

Frame’s take

Paf Atelier knows how to use colour to make an urban retail space stand out – a recent Jacquemus activation in the French capital backs that case up. In a city so saturated with shopping destinations it’s these types of installations – simple yet creative enough to make you look, and figure out what’s happening there – that can make the biggest impact. This is a great way for big-name retailers to leave their stamp on a neighbourhood without interfering with the local vibe: Paf’s work is just on-brand enough to make a statement, but not too overt that it turns people away.