Every week we highlight those submissions which have been frequented by our readers and jury, in the lead up to the reveal of Interiors of the Month winners and honourable mentions. Here are the five most-viewed spaces between 12 and 19 February 2021, shared with comments left by this month’s jury members.

Photos: Thijs ter Hart


Tétris Design & Build

The Amsterdam office of multinational beverage company Diageo is a February contender for Large Office (currently scored at 5.17) and Bar (5.17). For the 3,100-sq-m space, Tétris Design & Build embraced Diageo’s ethos of ‘Celebrating life every day, everywhere’ by merging traditional office facilities including co-working and concentration zones with a communal area comprising a bar, shop and living room dubbed the Celebration Street. Much attention was paid to the user experience and providing the ability to adapt in working styles. ‘The designers have successfully told the story of the company and its brand in the interiors,’ says Penny Craswell, editor of The Design Writer. ‘The use of secondhand furniture is exemplary.’

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Photos: Tomooki Kengaku



I IN’s work for a small Yokohama bakery called Pinocchio (6.2; Best Use of Colour) invites passersby in via an unmissable façade in a yellow-gold gradient. The designers aimed to ‘boldly express the baking colour of the bread’; inside, the palette continues in tones of yellow and brown on every surface. Here is Selina senior project designer Tola Ojuolape’s take: ‘Interestingly whilst the palette is beautiful and distinguishes the store and product offering well, it does not allow for a distinct contrast between the baskets of bread and items displayed. It is, however, a curated, considered and memorable space.’

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Photos: Zhong Hai


GH+A Design Studios

Canada Goose’s experiential ‘Northward’ concept store at Beijing’s Shin Kong Place Mall (5.58; Single-Brand Store) places visitors in a Canadian arctic landscape. Designed by GH+A Design Studios, the store’s elements emulate the jagged ice and rock of the far north, with organic faceted walls built with troweled concrete panels; products are framed by black niches and displayed atop white plinths. At the heart of the 118-sq-m space is a ceiling installation by American artist Juju Wang, who was ‘inspired by the glacial lakes and endless frozen expanse of northern Canada’.

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Photos: Casey Dunn


Clayton Korte

Embedded within a hilly landscape in Wimberley, Texas, Hill Country Wine Cave is a Bar (7.07) envisioned by Clayton Korte. The 131-sq-m tunnel space, comprising a lounge, bar, cellar, and restroom, is enterable through the mouth of a cave camouflaged by limestone boulders and trees. Inside, the interior is forged from wood, steel, and concrete. ‘[There’s a] great contrast of rough and warm materials,’ notes Anika Hülser, head of interior architecture at HPP Architekten. ‘As the natural surroundings are kept without a lot of measures, the project is almost invisible from the outside, revealing its warm atmosphere only when entering.’

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Photos: Yong-joon Choi


Betwin Space Design

A sports complex, cultural space and retail outlet all in one, Spyder Haven offers the activewear brand’s consumers a community hub. Located in Namyangju City, South Korea, the Single-Brand Store (6.78) was developed by Betwin Space Design. Its web-like façade is a composition of pipe structures emphasizing the brand logo. For the sleek, cool-lit interior, steel studs were utilized as a finishing material. ‘The space and its product and content offering are alluring,’ says Bill Bouchey, principal and director of design at HOK, who calls it a brand ‘beacon’. ‘I respect the orthogonal “web” and see the potential for more inside/outside connection.’

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