Almost like a cityscape in miniature, Linehouse’s design for womenswear store JNBY in Xiamen plucks its palette from its urban environs.

Concrete, glass and metal prevail at JNBY in Xiamen, China, their amalgamation lending the Linehouse-designed womenswear store a space-age brutalism. Beneath a ceiling lined with concrete coffers with inset tubular lighting, a screen of ribbed glass creates a blur of dynamic, distorted reflections. The glass is propped on feet made from recycled concrete pavement, literally bringing the streetscape inside. Stainless steel clothing rails, shelving and mirrors can be clipped on and off the glass screen, making the retail display system completely flexible. The greyscape is softened by ceramic and timber pieces that explore the concept of ‘crafted imperfection’. Cracked glazing is visible on the fixed central column displays, for example, while pedestals of old timber were laminated together to create sculptural shapes. And, to visually soften some of the concrete itself, the designers nodded to JNBY’s textile heritage by casting concrete with various fabrics ranging from subtly textured to quilted.