Every week we highlight those submissions which have been frequented by our readers and jury, in the lead up to the reveal of Interiors of the Month winners and honourable mentions. Here are the five most-viewed spaces between 22 and 29 January 2021, shared with comments left by this month’s jury members.

Photos: Yong Joon Choi

1. Boon The Shop


Located in Busan, South Korea, Boon the Shop is a Multi-Brand Store designed by WGNB (currently scored at 6.63). The designers worked on the project through the lens of a central driving question: ‘Can’t a clothing store be a gallery?’. Combining a mix of brutalist and minimalistic features, they built a space which champions the products. ‘[There’s] a real sense of place, far from the traditional fashion stores,’ says Elena Apiou, head of design at Adagio Aparthotels. ‘[It’s] a very interesting setting with materials that nearly disappear – or at least become secondary – to give central stage to the clothes and shoes, as if they were art masterpieces.’  

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Photos: Dirk Weiblen Photoraphy

2. The Assembled Market


The Assembled Market, a food retail space in Changsha (6.98, Multi-Brand Store; 6.66, Best Use of Material), gives a contemporary spin to the look of traditional Chinese markets and street booths. Lukstudio utilized a wooden frame as the infrastructure for the different product sections as well as the hospitality features, including a restaurant, café and bakery. Each space is made unique with features and textures nodding back to food culture. ‘The space employs millwork in a very creative way,’ comments Daisuke Nagatomo, assistant professor at National Taiwan Normal University. ‘The entire space adopts the same language with the detailed wood pattern, to cohere the customer’s retail experience.’

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Photos: İeva Saudargaitė Douaihi

3. Penthouse Apartment


Seeking a ‘zen and precious refuge’ in the middle of a lively Beirut neighbourhood, this project’s clients tapped architect Youssef Tohme and interior designer Noro Khachatryan. The Penthouse Apartment’s (6.85, Best Use of Material) floorplan informed the decision to use ‘noble, but sober’ materials including elm wood and Patara marble; bronze, stone and other variations of marble all make their appearances in the interior. ‘The detailing, materials and execution look first class,’ writes Tom Edington, creative director at YourStudio. ‘Well done – the creators are real craftspeople. The touches which really chime with me are the mono-monolith approaches to the toilet and the bathroom.’

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Photos: Ivan Erofeev

4. International School Tumo

CNTEZ Architects

In Moscow, CNTEZ Architects was briefed to devise a Learning Space based on the design of an iPhone – ‘minimalistic, technological and recognizable’. With International School Tumo (5.02), ‘we excluded any non-functional and unnecessary elements,’ say the designers, ‘and deliberately sought to contrast with the environment and the existing landscape, creating a self-sufficient unique building.’ Some of the jury members question the concept. ‘This does stand out and would be recognizable in the area that it’s in,’ thinks Alia el Tanani, founder at Living in Interiors and Don Tanani. ‘But not necessarily in an integrated or positive way.’

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Photos: Tom Bunning

5. Levi’s® Haus London

Lucky Fox

Levi’s® has collaborated with Lucky Fox to create a new circular store concept in London’s Soho neighbourhood. The first of its kind within the retailer’s portfolio, Levi’s® Haus London (6.54, Single-Brand Store) is framed as ‘the ultimate destination to see denim through its entire lifespan, and beyond’. Constructed with sustainable materials, the  modular space hosts extensive tailoring and customization services. Barde + VanVoltt founder Valérie Boerma says: ‘The sustainable approach around longevity and circularity deserve a compliment. With the in-house Tailor Shop it becomes much more than a regular store. In that sense the concept is very thoughtful and environmentally friendly, but in terms of creativity and aesthetics I am not blown away.’

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Our January Interiors of the Month winner and honourable mentions will be announced next week.