Entertainment in 2020 is set to look a whole lot different than we're accustomed to. With concerts cancelled and festivals postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis, the future of physical events is uncertain. But what does this disruption mean for the future of the industry itself? Will events become virtual as standard? How can designers and organizers make events more inclusive, safe and exciting at the same time? And what new technologies will be harnessed to create engaging new hybrid environments?

With video gaming and AR making impressive advancements in the events arena, it's essential for in-person activities to be communally engaging and inclusive, while remaining deeply personal. But the restrictions set in place to curb the pandemic make it a challenge to deliver safe spaces for captivating occasions. Festivals of the future will need to adapt to these changes. Able to incorporate many experiential layers into a performance, virtual worlds pose a solution. Yet that begs another question: how can the physical stage retain an important role?

#FrameLive: Post-pandemic event design - How will the show go on?

16 June 2020 at 16.00 CEST

COVID-19 has made it impossible to organize sizeable physical events, like festivals, shows and trade fairs. This will likely still be the case in a year from now, maybe even longer. What does that mean for the event industry? The rise of phygital environments, relevance of the stage itself and audience inclusivity and engagement are all up for discussion.

Join Ray Winkler, CEO of Stufish Entertainment Architects – designers of sets for the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and U2, and Christopher Lee, managing director of Populous – a global architecture practice that specializes in the design of sports and entertainment venues, in conversation with Frame founder and director, Robert Thiemann.

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