Construction is one of the biggest contributors to the poor health of the planet today. Interior designers are worried about it. Architects are worried about it. It's giving the building industry a planet-sized headache. But it's also been a drag on the health of all of us who live in buildings, too. Next year, Domotex 2020 aims to explore how flooring can not just not hurt inhabitants, but actually aid in healing.

The fair, organized around a theme entitled 'Atmysphere', is set to take place at the Hannover Exhibition Centre from 10-13 January. Exhibitors will showcase products including floors that can temper the humidity in a room and carpets that are capable of absorbing sound, diminishing allergies, or insulating. The theme springs from the enduring wellness trend, focusing on the myriad of ways that the architecture and design industries are developing natural products that cultivate health and promote sustainability – all in the name of raising our quality of life and helping us to live, not just better, but more responsibly.

Above: Mama Shelter Hotel | Below: Selit Dämmtechnik's SelitPRo Aquastop TwinFoam 2.2 mm

One exhibitor will be Zollanvari, a brand dedicated to repurposing materials and using organic and eco-friendly materials. Some of Zollanvari's products have been showcased exuberantly in Belgrade's Mama Shelter Hotel, the interiors of which were designed by São Paulo-based creative Jalil Amor. He treated each area as a blank page on which to record some of the Serbian capital's history, blending Eastern patterns with modern Pop Art elements, for example, in the restaurant and lounge. 

In these colourful spaces, the designer wrapped a series of furnishings, including stools that can also be used as tables and cushy benches, in Zollanvari’s Mafrash home décor upholstery collection. Mafrash are flat-weave fabrics with complex 3D structures, repurposed from fabric bags handwoven by Ghashgha’i and Luri nomads using kilim, soumak and ziggurat techniques in high-country wool from Iran's Zagros mountains. 

A second Domotex exhibitor, Selit Dämmtechnik, will introduce SelitPRo Aquastop TwinFoam 2.2 mm, an acoustic-friendly flooring underlay that reduces airborne and impact sound up to 21 decibels from prolonged, heavy traffic and objects falling on parquet and laminate floors.

Additionally, the special showcase Framing Trends in hall 8, dedicated to the lead theme of Domotex 2020, welcomes manufacturers, artists and students – and, for the first time, start-ups. As always, exhibitors will present their products in creative ways, offering displays of 'indoor oases of wellbeing', from walk-through installations to interactive spaces aimed at the contract, residential and hospitality markets.

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