15 jury members, 15 perspectives: with their highly diverse expertise and range of professional backgrounds, our December jury is ready to vote on this month's Frame Awards submissions. We proudly introduce to you the members.

Mike Tristram, Strategic Lead at Checkland Kindleysides

Graduated with a degree in Architectural Design (Hons), Mike Tristram joined the Leicester-and London-based creative studio Checkland Kindleysides in 2014. A tireless possibilities hunter, Tristram has an eye for spotting what’s coming next in design, consumer culture and technology. He has led the strategic direction for brands like Wedgwood, Adidas, Beats, Interface and DeMontfort University. Tristram is also a guest lecturer and mentor at UAL: London College of Fashion.

Jun Aizaki, Founder of Crème

Hailing from Japan, Jun Aizaki is the owner and principal of Crème, an acclaimed creative design agency located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Taking a holistic and hands-on approach to problem solving, Aizaki and his team cater for a list of hospitality clients that includes Kimpton Hotels, Hyatt, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Shake Shack and Gerber Group.

Jose Manuel Ferrero, Creative Director at Estudi{H}ac

Operating out of Valencia, Spain, José Manuel Ferrero founded award-winning studio estudi{H}ac in 2003. Conceived as a design atelier, the firm specializes in bespoke projects in the fields of product design and interior architecture. Clients include Grupo Piñero, Hard Rock Hotel, Palladium Group, Porcelanosa, Vondom, LZF, Toulemond Bouchart and Sancal.

Francesca Perani, Founder of Francesca Perani Enterprise

Architect, designer and activist Francesca Perani runs her eponymous studio, which is built on the idea that shared creativity is an effective instrument to bring about change, from Bergamo, Italy. Interested in disrupting the norm through the creation of playful and experiential spaces, she is also the founder of Cutoutmix, an open-source platform offering a more inclusive selection of graphic figures for architectural renderings, and RebelArchitette, a non-profit network highlighting the work of female creatives. Since 2011, she teaches at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan.

Hans J. Galutera, Founder and CEO of HG DesignWorks LLC

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Hans J. Galutera is the founder and CEO of HG DesignWorks LLC, a NYC-based interior design studio working within luxury hospitality and housing.  He is also an executive board member of SBID (the Society of British International Design) and advisory board member for the International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC-UN Habitat). Furthermore Galutera cofounded BG Studio International, a boutique hospitality design firm specializing in large-scale hospitality and multifamily projects, and a professional member of the Design Institute of Australia (MDIA).

Dang Ming, Founder and Chief Designer at Hong Designworks

Honoured as one of the 40 most influential young designers under the age of 40 in Asia, Dang Ming leads the in 2002 established multi-disciplinary, Xi'an-based design company Hong Designworks. The firm’s projects, which range from offices and commercial properties to boutique hotels and healthcare facilities, are informed by their local context but approached with an international perspective. Ming is also a lecturer at the Art and Design faculty of the Xi'an University of Science and Technology.

George Foussias, Director of Interior Design at Lemay

As the director of interior design at Lemay, George Foussias, who was born in Greece but is currently based in Toronto, draws from over 20 years of international experience to deliver design solutions for retail, hospitality and residential environments that are artfully experiential and dynamically immersive. He has led several award-winning projects, working with clients such as Samsung, The Travel Centre, Artscape Launchpad and Toronto’s Due West luxury retailer.

Luis Pedra Silva, Founder and Lead Architect at Pedra Silva Arquitectos

Born in South Africa, Luis Pedra Silva holds an Architecture degree from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon, the city he still resides in. He founded Pedra Silva Architects in 2003 and oversees the practice’s core values, philosophy and brand identity while building client relationships and strengthening the office’s profile both nationally and internationally.

Wang Guan, Brand Initiator and Cofounder of Matrix Design

Wang Guan worked as a design director for multiple well-known design companies before cofounding Matrix Design with Liu Jianhui and Wang Zhaobao back in 2010. With offices in Shenzhen, Beijing and Chengdu, the firm provides China’s real estate industry with high-end design services. With 280+ personnel, Matrix Design aims to provide innovative design concepts, improve the living environment in cities and create dynamic and human-oriented urban spaces.

Rosie Haslem, Director at Spacelab / Labthinks

A known industry expert on workplace strategy and the future of work, Rosie Haslem is a director at design and architecture practice Spacelab, where she is currently busy launching a new research studio under the name Labthinks. In her role, she leads the research and strategy work on projects for such clients as Dyson, Asos, Legal & General and Warner Bros. With a background in human geography and urban design, Haslem is passionate about understanding how space can influence movement, behaviour and interaction – and designing places with these things in mind.

Lim Koon Park, Founder and Principal Architect at Park + Associates

The founder of and principal architect at Singapore-based architecture firm Park + Associates, whose clients range from major property developers and ultra-high-net-worth individuals to schools and cultural institutions, Lim Koon Park believes that good design should be relevant and timely, yet exude a sense of timelessness and withstand ever-changing trends. A humanistic touch is essential to his work, to counterbalance our increasingly detached world.

Sonya Simmonds, Global Head of Design and Build at Spotify

Having previously worked for architectural companies in London and Stockholm on projects for clients such as Schroders, Bloomberg, Discovery Channel, and DICE, interior architect Sonya Simmonds now works as the global head of design and build at Spotify, in which role she focuses on the workplace designs of the audio streaming company’s offices worldwide.

Mustafa Afsaroglu, Cofounder and Interior Designer at Taner’s Sons Design Studio (TS-DS)

Originally from Cyprus but currently based in London, Bournemouth University-graduate Mustafa Afsaroglu started his career at British architectural design and engineering firm Foster+Partners, where his work centred around the design of the Bloomberg headquarters. After gaining more experience at global design, architecture and planning company HLW, working for tech clients such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, he co-founded TS-DS, an architecture and design firm that sets out to challenge the ordinary.

Minyu Zhang, Interior Design Director at Sunac Shanghai Group

Minyu Zhang is interior design director at the Shanghai Regional Group of property developer Sunac, widely recognized by customers as an integrated service provider that serves Chinese families with a better life. In practicing spatial design, her approach is considerate of the balance between privacy and creating moments of interaction. Zhang believes that art shapes life, and advocates for unique, rather than mainstream, lifestyles.

Meryem Yalçın, Assistant Professor TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Meryem Yalçın heads the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Design Graduate Programme at the TOBB University of Economics and Technology in Ankara, Turkey, where she currently also teaches architectural detailing and environmental psychology courses. In addition, she serves as a guest professor at Baskent University and is a member of IDEC, IFI and TMMOB. Her expertise lies in children and health spaces and she has over 20 publications behind her name covering topics such as cognition in childhood, early learning and space. In 2011, Yalçın completed her PhD in Art Education with a research that focused on spatial setups of preschools.

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