Crepuscular Green is a renovation work designed for the Mondrian Suite gallery by Italian architect Antonino Cardillo. Settled in Rome, between San Lorenzo district and Verano Cemetery, the project mutates a previous minimalistic style hall (5,9 x 7,6 x 4 metres) into a seductive environment:

'Poverty of means here applied, suits well to my idea of architecture as a faculty to transcend the ordinary.' — says the architect.

Antonino's project, one builder and eight thousands euros budget — under the supervision conducted by him during the forty days of works — were the premises to reach the composition represented here. Like a golden green grotto, a rusticated vault envelops the upper part of the room, rendering a trilithon schema on the backdrop. Ahead, a rounded altar features a mirror arched bridge and a suspended black slab above. Beside, two black and golden flûtes emit diffuse lighting. Everything is painted by shades of green. Words of the space speak each other a cohesive narrative, which aims to unfold the imaginary of the inhabitants.