In an attempt to add a third dimension to walls and floors, designers and brands work with geometric patterns and shiny finishes that play with depth perception. The right combination of shapes and colours produces an optical illusion, while low relief creates interesting textures. The multifaceted effect of light and shadow across a subtly sculptural surface intrigues the eye, time and again.

Moods by Moduleo is a collection of luxury vinyl floor tiles whose geometric shapes include herringbone, Hungarian hexagon, triangle and diamond. Combining the various patterns and colours of Moods allows for the personalization of an interior. A floor composed of Moduleo’s Diamond 3D Cubes embodies an illusion of depth.

Bisazza’s Wood collection – ‘an eccentric take on classic parquet’ – has six new designs by Studio Job, whose penchant for graphics and dark humour resonates in Cannage, Plissage, Bloc, Zig Zag, Gingham and Escalier. Escheresque trompe l’oeils, exaggerated checks and a chromatic collision of the natural and the bold join Job’s signature laser-engraved animal skeletons, as they crawl over Gingham tiles.

Photo Dennis Brandsma

The 3D effect of Aikin, Boydand Copan – vinyl wallcoverings from Vescom – seems to cause a subtle shift in visual perception. Aikin features a field of crisp facets in two finishes, matte and metallic, and colourssuch as emerald green and powder pink. Copan’s deep furrows convey drama and intensity. Sporty Boyd favourshigh-tech greysand whites; its robustly structured texture is ideal.

Photo Went&Navarro