China’s metropolises have been struggling with air pollution for a long time, so when Borre Akkersdijk of ByBorre was invited to show his BB.Suit at Beijing Design Week, he tackled the pollution problem by adding a new feature to his already impressive design, originally presented at SXSW 2014. In collaboration with a team of creative – designer Eva de Laat, Martijn ten Bhömer (Eindhoven University of Technology), Daan Spangenberg Graphics, StudioFriso and Want – Akkersdijk wove electrical threads into the second edition of the one-piece suit, which – in addition to its GPS and Wi-Fi features – now contains an air-quality sensor that registers the particles of carbon monoxide, methane and LPG that encircle the wearer. Employing patented Cold Plasma Technology, the garment is able to purify the surrounding air and provide the user with a protective shield against the harmful urban atmosphere.

Photos Benoit Florencon and Daan Spangenberg