NEW YORK – Challenged by Audi to create an art-focused installation as part of the members-only Core club’s Bold Notion Series, Wonderland joined forces with light and space artist Matthew Schreiber. Together, they developed an exhibition inspired by the LED technology and innovative design that are synonymous with the Audi brand.

The installation consisted of the use of light and custom optics to completely transform the club’s lobby and gallery space into an entirely new environment. The entrance area was turned into a dramatically dark room, fitted with hundreds of wall and ceiling-mounted red LED lasers.

Guests were then invited to walk through the form and interact with the intricate architectural design. On their journey, they encountered an oversized LED ring sculpture. This consisted of aluminium channels and back-facing red LEDs, subtly alluding to the Audi logo. Comments the team, ‘On the wall, a geometric pattern inspired by a “zone plate” created from physical optics.’ This further granted the installation a striking and engaging fluidity of movement.

Laser beams in the gallery space generated vertical lines and geometrical patterns that erased the shape of the room and created an immersive three-dimensional sculpture. Design expertise, as well as thoughtful use of materials, allowed the installation to serve its more pragmatic function of communicating the image of the brand, without losing artistic impact.

Photos Hal Horrowitz


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