Passionate and seasoned chef Alessandro Borghese is equally as meticulous with the design of his restaurant as he is with the delicately prepared dishes he serves. He describes the interior of Il Lusso della Semplicità – meaning ‘the luxury of simplicity’ in Italian – as an extension of his personality and character, which he hopes to translate into a unique atmosphere and dining experience for guests.

‘During the design of the restaurant I was looking for a material that would adapt to the various facets of my personality: rock, eclectic and innovative. I was looking for something with a unique character that distanced itself from the materials commonly used in catering.’

The 700-sq-m restaurant designed in collaboration with Alfredo Canelli features 900-sq-m of Neolith surfaces, achieving a high-end aesthetic through large swaths of the natural sintered stone. From the La Boheme wood textured floors to the Calacatta product extending over walls and counters, the materiality defines the atmosphere and offers the tactility expected of such rich, visual surfaces.

Profuse application of Neolith products from the marble, wood, metal, and granite series make the space a dynamic composition of various colours and textures, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout. As evidenced in the name of his restaurant, Borghese appreciates the power of curation and reduction.

‘Preserving simplicity in the kitchen can have many different meanings; it could mean reducing a plate to its basic shape or focusing on one ingredient to experiment with its essence. In any case, “simple” in a kitchen hardly ever means “easy”.’

Impervious to odour, stains, or scratches, Neolith products are perfectly suited to a culinary environment. Its versatility, durability, and elegance combine the industrial practicalities required of a commercial kitchen with the client-facing luxury appearance expected of a five-star restaurant.

Visitors to this year’s Fuori Salone will have the opportunity to see Chef Borghese in action, where guests can enjoy his signature style of cooking alongside the striking interior of Il Lusso della Semplicità.
Location Viale Belisario, 3, 20145 Milano MI, Italy