Remember those unsightly rubber mats that your grandparents (wisely) used to prevent slipping in the shower? Well, we’ve come a long way since then – or Roca has, at least. The Spanish manufacturer of sanitary ware has managed to combine the properties of vitreous china with the textural possibilities of stone. Remarkably, the result – a material innovation Roca has named Senceramic and employed in a new generation of shower trays – solves the issue of slippage as well.

The Roca team saw a new need for a model that has all the performance of vitreous china – the tough enamel coating that protects washroom ceramics – but offers a bigger range of options, from colour to texture to customized measurements. ‘Senceramic offers it all,’ says Carlos Velazquez, Roca Group's marketing director. ‘It’s 100 per cent vitreous china without looking so. We’ve enhanced the qualities of the material.’

Besides being anti-slip without visible lumps and bumps, and having the same exceptional resistance to wear and tear as other vitreous china products, Cratos shower trays are also easy to clean and extremely slim. The former is due to the material’s zero-porosity, which prevents the absorption of water and therefore the proliferation of humidity and bacteria, improving hygiene levels and making cleaning easier. The latter, on the other hand, allows the tray to be installed at floor level, enabling a seamless integration with the bathroom floor. Velazquez says the biggest challenge was to ‘achieve a perfect uniform enamelling’ that maintains these qualities. But, with the expertise that comes from a century in the business, Roca managed to do just that.