RUSIM New Work Hub
Creating a work environment for engineers and developers – an exeptional design task from experts to experts.

The guiding idea of this interior was to showcase and live the precision, the concentration, the urbanity but also the awareness for sustainability which guides the everyday work challenges and visions of the employees and the project developments of this company.

The design gives the the „main stage“ to the impressive urban views of this location, which present an everchanging background for the interiors.

All uniquely designed and custom-build interior elements are to describe the destinctivness and precision of the inhabitants mindset – while complementing and nourishing it with softer, natural, warmer tones and surfaces to enhance envisioning and thinking out of the box.

The contrasting of the overal silverish varnish with the precise and prominent black outlining of furniture, lighing and glass walls spatially illustrate the different components of the tasks and thought processes of the residents.

The“ blu skies“ are intensivily representing the companies CI Color Code – wherefore the color merely is used in the interior, showing the sophistication of „stepping back“ and putting the project developments in main focus – not onesself.

The RUSIM Work HUB provides semi open work space for deep and focused work, added with dynamic retreats as well as with sophisticated meeting rooms.
The work areas are separated from the meeting areas to serve both working worlds with the ideal spatial setting – the internal concentrated work tasks, as well as the representative and extensively used Meeting Area.
The work areas received added value spaces by phone boxes, flexible meeting areas and a central „Communication Huddle“. The Huddle, a small 2-4 persond „sit-in“ element provides for spontaneous short dialogues with colleagues while preventing the disturbance of coworkers. It has semitransparent, moveable dividers and also allocates required additional storage space.

The overall connecting Pivot Point of the L-Shaped layout is the so called „Social Hub“ with its coffebar, the long bar counter, a wide sofa arrangement and the „Long Table“ for gatherings – both in informal private ways but also for smaller formal events. This Social Hub is the heart of the office. All guests and employees meet and interact in this space. Purpose of the layout design is to spatially manifest and experience the transparency of communication and „togetherness“ that is as well the message as the attitude of the RUSIM Work HUB.