plainoddity say :The space was found in the dazzling experience nature, and it was decided to spatialize the wave of sunlight.

I made a shadow of waves on all the walls except the window where sunlight comes in.

Cylindrical acrylic was baked and crumpled, and a water shadow was created on the wall by making the light penetrating the acrylic shine toward the wall. The water shadow flowing from the line facing the ceiling makes you feel as if you are underwater. In addition, the shape of the fixtures surrounding the entire store hall was made in the shape of a connected curve to express the wave of water. With a matte material as the background, it is emphasized by using shiny materials such as acrylic or mirror steel.

Dazzle, wave, Acrylic lighting, curve furniture

client say :
I want to give customers an enchantment with good quality, dazzling coffee. ‘Dazzle’ is a word that originates from the etymology of dazzle or shine. 'Dazzle', where you can meet shining people and shining skills, aims to provide a shining experience beyond coffee and space.