Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz Group collaborated on a collection which allows people to flexibly redefine the atmosphere of their space.

The first step to designing an atmospheric space, reason Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz Group, is the flooring. After all, it is the first thing you physically make contact with in a space: it quite literally lays the groundwork for a more sensorial environment. Such is the thought process that gave the pair motivation to push the boundaries of surfacing with their latest collaboration. Working together over three years, they produced a range of eight carpets which give the user the flexibility to devise their own tactile wonderland, no matter the type of space.

Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz carefully surveyed the effect of different colour and texture combinations through development – experimenting themselves as to understand how their consumers would likewise be able to experiment with the finished product. ‘Work on the new collection was done with our knees on the carpet and heads out in the world,’ says Lars Engelke, CEO at Object Carpet. Tilla Goldberg, director of product design at Ippolito Fleitz explains that they ‘wanted to weave current influences and developments deep into the products and open up new areas in the use.’ That goal underpins the sheer diversity of the collection: 111 colours can be chosen from, and there’s a wide offer of structures and surfacing applications.

Renowned fashion photographer Monica Menez interpreted the Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz collection through her lens.

These carpets are dynamic, and their names reflect that. Skill x Chill, Meet x Beat, Move x Groove, Flow x Grow, Deal x Feel, Highs x Sighs, Walk x Talk and Craze x Chase speak for themselves, each meant to imbue spaces with a certain attitude and engage their inhabitants with the intended mood. Engelke shares that it was their mission to ‘express with each single product that the approach is always greater than thinking in terms of new designs.’  

He acknowledges that more than ever, today, consumers are looking for conceptual value in their products, not just the material: 'We share the view and thinking of architects and planners and look forward to a dialogue about areas of use, atmosphere, culture and the effect on employees, customers or visitors.’ Where Flow x Grow’s three-dimensional, rhythmic look would be an apt fit for a brainstorming or creative space, for example, dealmakers will find the inspiration they need with Deal x Feel, a bold, assertive backdrop For meeting rooms and the like. When it’s time to retreat, Highs x Sighs’s soft, neutral palette and finishing invites one into a relaxing, safe zone.

But the scenarios mentioned really only scratch the surface of the impact Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz’s products can have in creating ambience. The eight options are available as wall-to-wall carpeting or as rugs, and some can even be selected for use as acoustic tiling. They’re sustainable, too – Object Carpet’s carpets are always free of pollutants and emissions, washed to bind fine dust and made of 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn.

To show people the boundless possibilities of their carpeting, Object Carpet and Ippolito Fleitz set up an installation which was interpreted into into a short film and digital 360° VR application by renowned fashion photographer Monica Menez. Through this perspective one is able to see how far a little imagination can go in creating more inspiring, multi-dimensional places for work, live and play.

See the short film, Escapade, here.