Behind the exclusive and overbearing entrance to a shopping mall, the first brick-and-mortar store for women’s fashion label Eva Essential features an interior washed in compelling contrasts.

Local firm Nong Studio set a pink glass
door into a transparent glass storefront. This
rose-coloured portal leads into a vestibule lined
with reclaimed dark-grey bricks. Materials like
the bricks were chosen in order to articulate the
brand’s local origins. The architects even preserved certain elements commonly found in the
classic Shanghai stores of yore, including large
light wells (actually created here using luminous
LED film lighting). ‘Grey concrete tile flooring
punctuated with blond timber plank, and vintage garment poles installed on the walls are
all meant to exude a local memory,’ the design
team explains.

In a boutique that embodies a meeting
of East and West, past and future, light toned
finishes and décor stand in contrast with the
aforementioned elements. This lighter palette
is intended to denote the brand’s connection to
a chic and casual lifestyle. A backdrop of palebeige plaster walls is dotted with golden brass
elements and mirror, both of which add dimension to the 180-m2 interior.

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