To communicate its core values in the midst of 2020’s tumult, the surfacing manufacturer is introducing Six-S, a product line with a purpose.

Sustainable, solidary, sanitary, strong, stylish and sensory: all qualities consumers are looking for in products today. That’s why Sintered Stone pioneer Neolith is calling its latest collection Six-S and launching an initiative to help those who have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 virus. For each sq m of its surfacing that is sold, the company will donate one kg of provisions to a food bank, while contributing a percentage of sales to a charity related to the pandemic’s impact. 

Neolith plans to not only run this campaign centred on ‘solidary’, but one for each of its core principles; for ‘sustainable’, it worked with the Guatemalan Caribbean Conversation Group to benefit the organization’s ecological work. Brand CMO Mar Esteve Cortes believes that more companies should also rise to support communities in need. ‘In the midst of a health and economic crisis it has never been more important to recognise resilience and bravery,’ says Cortes. ‘It is right and responsible for businesses to give something back, to support society through these tough times. We feel that brands and businesses must play a positive and proactive role as we try to overcome the significant challenges COVID-19 has created.’

With bold veining and slight transparency, Himalaya Crystal is an homage to Himalayan salt crystal landscapes.

Summer Dala emulates the look of freshly cut timber and is fashioned as an ode to nature.

A slab inspired by the luxurious mystique of the caves in One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, Layla adds a layer of sophistication to spaces.

Sintered stone, Neolith’s speciality, is the perfect representation of the company’s six-point criteria. It is a 100 per cent natural material comprising granite and glass minerals and organic oxides. Compacted with state-of-the-art sintering technology in a carbon-neutral environment, these materials take shape as large slabs, which are printed using a water-based decoration technique called Hydro-NDD 2.0. As opposed to utilizing industry standard solvent bases, this manufacturing practice helps Neolith ensure that it stands by its sustainability commitment.

Himalaya Crystal, Layla, Abu Dhabi White, Amazonico, Winter Dala and Summer Dala are the new finishes which constitute the Six-S range. Each inspired by an environmental reference — from the slow-growing pines surrounding Sweden’s Lake Siljan to the dark desert caves described in One Thousand and One Arabian Nights — the high-performance products evoke the sensory relationship we have with the outdoors indoors. They are highly durable, versatile and promote utmost cleanliness and hygiene in any professional or residential application, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

The multi-tone Amazonico evokes a journey from the dense rainforest floor to its canopy.

Himalaya Crystal is available in two finishes, three thicknesses and two size formats.

The Neolith team felt it was not enough to simply create a new collection to demonstrate its values, which is why the initiatives were born. ‘Aside from these fabulous new surfaces, the Six-S campaign also seeks to show how we are an ethical, responsible and empathetic business,’ continues Cortes. ‘Words are admirable, but action on them is essential for authenticity.’