Acne Studios has taken up shop in a historically significant former bank in the Swedish capital with the help of Arquitectura-G.

The Swedish fashion brand brought its ongoing collaboration with Spanish practice Arquitectura-G to its hometown of Stockholm. The store is located in what is in fact the site of a 1973 robbery and hostage standoff which birthed the term ‘Stockholm syndrome’. After ceasing to serve as a financial institution the building’s neoclassical architecture was covered up. Arquitectura-G unmasked these elements, returning the space to its essential, monochrome features – mostly chiselled from real and faux marble. Guests can journey through three rooms which are connected by columns and culminate with an abstract ‘colonnade’ that opens up to the fitting rooms. Furniture built from the stone by Max Lamb and linear steel light fixtures by Benoit Lalloz contribute to the monolithic atmosphere of the 400-sq-m retail environment.

Location Norrmalmstorg 2, 111 46 Stockholm, Sweden